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Bushnell Trail Cameras

Welcome to our Bushnell game trail camera product page!  Everyone has certainly heard of the Bushnell brand.  They have been in the business of providing great hunting and outdoor sporting equipment for many years.  The Bushnell Trophy Cam line is no small matter when we are talking durability, multi-functioning features, great imagery and just an overall trustworthy product. 

Many of the Bushnell trail cameras are equipped with the ability to operate in temperatures of anywhere from -5° F to 140° F PIR making this one of the best rated trail cameras on the market today.  Please browse through our catalog page and product features and perhaps you will find the trail camera that fits your specific needs.

Established in 1948 the Bushnell Company was founded by David P. Bushnell.   To find someone that has not heard of the Bushnell brand name is an uncommon thing in itself.  The Bushnell brand is profoundly embedded in the world we live in.  Bushnell is a true quality name known throughout the hunting, fishing, outdoors, and sports optics industries today.  Its reputation excels many of its competitors and resonates, high-quality, integrity, and affordability worldwide.   They are always pushing the lines of originality to keep the best and most user friendly, yet tech savvy equipment on the market. 

The Bushnell Trail Cameras are some of the best game cameras for the money.  The Bushnell Company clearly makes it a point to understand the hunter/scout and his/her needs in the field.  Bushnell is dedicated to its customers in keeping the best equipment available.  Experiential knowledge is a special key to their success.  Professional hunters, scouts, etc., test their products full scale.  So, you can rest assure the Bushnell product you buy has been put to the test and has had a stamp of approval on it by outdoor enthusiast just like you.

The Bushnell Trail Cameras offer up high-quality sturdy cases to help protect its interior workings from the sometimes unforgiving elements of the great outdoors.  Exceptionally long battery life allows you to leave your trail camera for longer extents and therefore, capturing valuable information.  The .06 trigger speed is equally exceptional and will ensure that your photos will be crisp and clear- no blurs.   All of the Bushnell cameras come equipped with HD quality for photos and imagery. 

The game trail cameras from the Bushnell line of Trophy Cams are equipped with their unique FieldScanX2 Technology.  When the FiledScanX2 is set it is not triggered by game action, but rather, allows automatic recordings of constant data at intervals you chose ranging from 1 minute to 1 hour and can be used day or night.  It also works along with a simultaneous trigger if anything does happen to wander through the area.  With the wide angle lens of the Bushnell Trophy Cams, you are sure to get those great photos that you are wanting.

Infrared trail camera lighting is becoming a popular and much wanted feature for most game hunters and scouts.  Bushnell offers a variety of low-glow and no-glow IR trail cameras.  Considering a Bushnell camera to add to your hunting and scouting arsenal?  You will not go wrong with any Trophy Cam on the market today.

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Kenneth Ashworth says October 22, 2015

Good reviews. Bushnell ‘s great brand, like covert, moultrie

McG says October 22, 2015

Thanks Kenneth. It’s definitely is 🙂

Ronald E. Torres says October 1, 2016

Bushnell trail cam are great, but will Spypoint become a real competitor soon?

Sue Schuman says October 21, 2016

I so agree with you. Bushnell is top of the line!!

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