Best Deer Camera For The Money – Finding The Right Buy

When it comes to finding a good deer camera, there are plenty of different features to look at. But for most hunters, it comes down not just to the features, but to the overall value that you get when you make your purchase.

Finding a good game camera is great, but finding the best one for the money is even better. There are a few key things that one can keep in mind when looking at their options in order to find the right value.

First of all, and the most obvious, will be the features. A few points are worth remembering here.

  • Memory – Pay attention to how much storage space the camera has. Nothing’s worse than forgetting to clear the saved photos and then run out of memory before you get a single image. More memory is usually a better idea.
  • Modes – Being able to set different modes up is important, too. Whether it’s capturing short ten second bursts of video, taking motion activated photos, or just taking an image every ten seconds, there are plenty of mode settings to think about when you’re shopping for your camera.
  • ​Durability – This is one that is often ignored. Simply put, if you buy a camera that won’t stand up to the elements, you’re wasting your money. You’re not planning on putting your game camera in your living room, after all, and as a result you need to make certain you’re buying a camera that will last when you install it in the woods.
  • Resolution – You’re not taking photos that are going to appear in an art gallery, but you still want to make sure you take some images that you can actually use. As a result, look for something with a decent photo capability. 5.0 megapixels is a good number to shoot for, though smaller quality images will still be worth looking into.

The key is that you don’t shop based solely on features, or on price. Looking at the absolute best features in every area is great, but it will cost you. On the other hand, trying to save by buying a budget game camera will usually lead to disappointment.

Instead, you need to take a look at what each camera offers and then compare those features to the overall price. This way you’ll get the best value for the money, and that is what buying the right game camera for you should really be about.

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