Right ammunition for air pistol

How to Choose the Right Ammunition for Air Pistol

When it comes to air pistol hunting, selecting the right ammunition for air pistol is as crucial as choosing the right air pistol. The type of pellet or bullet you choose can significantly affect your accuracy, the impact on the game, and ultimately, the success of your hunt.

Types of Pellets and Their Characteristics

Wadcutter Pellets

  • Design: Flat-nosed with a cylindrical shape.
  • Best For: Target shooting and plinking at short ranges (under 25 yards).
  • Characteristics: Produces clean, round holes in paper targets, making scoring easier. Not ideal for hunting due to limited penetration and range.

Domed Pellets

  • Design: Rounded nose with an aerodynamic shape.
  • Best For: Long-range shooting and hunting.
  • Characteristics: Maintains velocity over longer distances and provides good penetration, making it a versatile choice for various hunting scenarios.

Pointed Pellets

  • Design: Sharp, pointed tip with a streamlined body.
  • Best For: Pest control and hunting at moderate ranges.
  • Characteristics: Offers deeper penetration than wadcutters and domed pellets, suitable for small game.

Hollow Point Pellets

  • Design: Hollowed-out nose designed to expand upon impact.
  • Best For: Hunting, where maximum impact and a clean kill are required.
  • Characteristics: Expands upon impact, creating a larger wound channel. Ideal for hunting small to medium-sized game.

High-Velocity Pellets

  • Design: Lightweight and often features a pointed or domed shape.
  • Best For: Achieving higher velocities for a flatter trajectory.
  • Characteristics: Good for hunting at longer ranges but can be affected by wind drift due to lighter weight.


  • Design: Bullet-like shape without a skirt.
  • Best For: Medium to long-range hunting scenarios.
  • Characteristics: Heavier weight ensures better energy retention and accuracy over longer distances.

Selecting the Right Ammunition

When choosing right ammunition for hunting with an air pistol, consider the following factors:

  • Hunting Scenario: The type of game and the environment will dictate the best pellet type. For small game like rabbits, a hollow point or domed pellet is ideal. For pest control, a pointed pellet may be more suitable.
  • Air Pistol Power: Match the pellet weight to the power output of your air pistol. Higher-powered air pistols can handle heavier pellets, which are better for hunting due to their increased impact energy.
  • Distance: Consider the range at which you’ll be shooting. Domed pellets are better for long-range shots, while wadcutters are best for short-range target practice.
  • Accuracy: Some pellets, like domed and high-velocity types, offer better accuracy over distances, which is crucial for a successful hunt.
  • Impact: For hunting, you want a pellet that will deliver a clean, ethical kill. Hollow point pellets are designed to expand upon impact, providing the necessary stopping power.


Choosing the right ammunition for your air pistol involves understanding the different types of pellets and bullets, their characteristics, and how they align with your hunting needs. By considering factors such as the hunting scenario, air pistol power, distance, accuracy, and impact, you can select the most suitable ammunition to increase your chances of a successful and ethical hunt.


What is the legal status of hunting with air pistols?

Different regions have varying laws regarding hunting with air pistols. It’s important to check local regulations to ensure compliance with legal requirements for hunting, such as permissible game, seasons, and licensing.

How does weather affect air pistol hunting?

Weather conditions can influence pellet trajectory and behavior. For instance, high winds can cause lighter pellets to drift, while rain can impact pellet velocity and accuracy.

Can air pistols be used for self-defense?

While air pistols can be powerful, they are generally not recommended for self-defense due to their limited stopping power compared to traditional firearms.

How do I maintain my air pistol to ensure optimal performance?

Regular cleaning, proper storage, and routine checks of seals and valves are essential to maintain an air pistol. Using the correct lubricants and replacing worn parts can also prolong the life of the air pistol.

What are the ethical considerations when hunting with air pistols?

Ethical hunting with air pistols involves taking shots within the effective range of the weapon and ammunition to ensure a humane kill. It also means respecting wildlife and following the principles of fair chase.

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