Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Hybrid Trail Camera with Night Vision

Bushnell has been the industry leader in high-performance optic cameras for more than 50 years. Either from hunting, fishing, birding and even for nature study. Bushnell has bring out true to it’s product to provide the highest quality ever since.

This 2013 model game trail camera continues to be a well sought after product with its super-tuned advancements.  The Trophy Cam trail cameras 1-year battery life and 0.6-second trigger speed lead the way.  Now you can get an even bigger picture of wildlife movement with the Field Scan time-lapse technology and you could also set it at pre-set intervals ranging from 1 to 60 minutes.

Bushnell has also added audio record to their video mode. You can now record more images and video than ever before on your trail camera with the 32GB SD card compatibility.  These features make these one of the best rated game trail cameras on the market even still today.

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Check Price On Amazon

There are several wonderful features that you will enjoy by purchasing the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Hybrid Trail Camera with Night Vision, Brown. The 8MP full high quality color resolution camera will provide you with 1 to 3 images per trigger and 1280×720 HD video along with crystal clear audio that can be recorded from 1 second to 60 seconds in length.

You can also capture video and photos at the same time with the Hybrid Capture Mode without any degradation in the quality of either photos or videos. Each image captured by the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam will display the date and time, as well as moon phase and temperature to provide you with even more information as to the conditions that the wildlife are out in and the times they are out and about.​

You will also find the name and GPS Geotag embedded into each photo so you can move the camera from one spot to another and know where the camera was when the photos were taken. The sensor for the motion detection of this camera can be adjusted for or set to auto and can reach upwards of 60 feet. This camera also takes between 4 and 8 AA batteries which will power the camera for up to one year.​

You will notice that the camera will operate with 4 batteries but takes up to 8 for extended life.​

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Customer Reviews

Customers are loving this amazing trail cam as some don’t even use them for hunting purposes, but rather the monitoring of the wildlife in the area. One customer said that the photos and videos are beautifully clear, although the quality changes based on the time of day and conditions of the area the camera is in.

​Another customer mentioned that the setup of the camera was so easy a toddler could probably do it without batting an eye. And another enjoyed the quality of both the video and the sound that he was able to get from a camera within the price range.

Although many customers love this camera, other customers weren’t as happy about it. One stated that the camera did not come with an SD card and that many of the cards that were tried didn’t work – You can our Q&A here to get more info for this model before buying.​

Another customer said that they were getting numerous false triggers and have had problems with it triggering properly. Some even had problems with the batteries coming loose causing the camera to shut down and have to be reset again. Another customer said that while everything works perfectly except that it triggers due to movement at 15 feet rather than movement further away.​

He also had a problem with it only catching 2 things within a 24 hour period, the customer walking away from the camera after setting it up and walking towards it to retrieve the memory card. So far I never had any issues with this model, but if you’re a first time buyer, then this model would be essentials swiss army for you.​

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Final Verdict

There are many reasons why this camera is an excellent camera for its price. First it provides you with photos and video with audio. Second it possesses weather proofing to provide versatility in placement of the camera to capture images of the wildlife.

​And finally it allows you to research the conditions that the wildlife is traveling in such as moon phases and time of the day or night. This information can not only give you a better idea as to when you should go hunting, but also tell you when the deer are closest to the camera and how long they spend in the area. You will also appreciate the price that this camera is going for as it is a steal in comparison to other brands and products.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD


Picture Quality


Video Quality




Build Quality



  • Takes awesome pictures.
  • Great video quality
  • Small size and manageable
  • Quality construction​


  • Rubber plug at bottom might be better if it was a threaded screw style plug with an O ring
  • This will allow any insects to invade

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