Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera with Night Vision (4MP) Review

Simmons trail camera

If you’re in the market for a trail camera, you’ll find that this Simmons-brand model offers a lot of advantages for a fair price. Typically, this rugged and feature-packed design retails for between eighty and one hundred dollars online, so it’s definitely an affordable choice for even the most budget-conscious consumers.

In addition, it is created by a trusted brand name with a strong reputation.

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To help you discover the features of this model, as well as its pros and cons, we’ve created a practical quick guide

We’ll talk about everything that this camera has to offer and then review any special advantages of drawbacks. Our goal is to offer you hard facts which allow you to feel empowered as a consumer. Our review will also help you to streamline the comparison-shopping process.

What Does This Camera Offer?

Known as a trail cam, this electronic device has a lot of the features of higher-end models, without the higher-end price tag. For example, if offers 4 MP of resolution, which will ensure crisp focus and superb picture quality. Photos and videos which are captured with this trail camera will look great!

As well, this camera doesn’t require a tedious set-up process, so you’ll find that it’s really simple to get it up and running.

Since it is equipped with infra-red night vision and invisible LEDs, you’ll find that it allows you to get wonderful images, as it won’t spook animals while it’s being used. This is definitely an inconspicuous camera and its “low-glow” LED sensors will function at a range of thirty feet.

This electronic device will be able to capture images and video footage of moving animals, due to its motion-activated sensor. The PIR sensor works for distances up to twenty-five feet

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Another impressive element of this camera is its long battery life. This is important as you won’t need to change batteries as often while you’re tracking game animals or other activity on a trail or property. This camera requires four “AA” batteries which last for six months.

You’ll be able to enjoy browsing “time and date-stamped” photos, which will help you to keep your visual information organized. The system will imprint each image with a date and time stamp, so you’ll never need to wonder when an image was captured.

As well, this camera features expandable memory, so it will be possible to gather 30 days of events without running out of space.

Pros And Cons Of This Camera

We’ve talked about the key elements of this camera, which are definitely pros. To summarize, it offers night vision, it has a great battery life, it takes clear photos, it has a good range and so on. In addition, it’s quite reasonably-priced.

​In terms of drawbacks, this unit has a bit of a delay on it, which means that the motion sensor needs one or two seconds to prepare before it actually takes the photograph. Unfortunately, this short time frame may be enough time for a game animal or person to move out of camera range.

​This is a much shorter delay than some trail or game cameras. In certain cases, cameras may require up to thirty seconds before they take pictures. So, although the delay is technically a “con”, this camera offers a fairly short delay on average.

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How To Find This Camera

Now that you’ve learned about the features of this camera, as well as its pros and cons, you’ll be ready to decide whether or not it’s right for you. If you want to learn more, look for this design at your preferred online retailer. You’ll find that this camera is attractive, with a finish that blends seamlessly into outdoor environments.

Shopping around for this camera will help you to get a good price on it. While it’s available via online and offline retailers, comparison-shopping via the Web will assist you in getting a good price, no matter how you to choose to buy it!

Hopefully, our review was helpful and gave you some insight into the Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera with Night Vision. Designed to make your hunting expeditions more successful, this camera will offer up tons of useful visual information and it won’t bust your budget. So, why not order it today?