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Welcome to our Stealth Cam game trail cameras product page! Stealth Cam carries a really great line of products for the hunter or wildlife enthusiast to choose from.  These trail cameras are equipped with great PIR depths between 38 and 50 ft. Stealth Cam G30 Triad Armed 8MP help you achieve an even greater flash depth when used with one or more IR trail cameras. 

30 IR Emitters/80ft range with Reflex Trigger are unique in that they are compatible to use with any IR trail camera out there on the market, not just the Stealth Cam brand.  On your hunt for the best game camera for the money, take a little time to read through the different options and features that Stealth Cam offers.  You may just find the camera you have been looking for.

The Stealth Cam Game Trail Cameras are high end products constructed by highly qualified engineers.  They have the most advanced wireless technology. The demand for Stealth Cam Trail Cameras continues to grow. This company exceeds exceptionally in this field with their ever evolving infrared technology.  Their applied multi-lingual options is quite a bonus. 

In 2000 GSM launched Stealth Cam, and subsequently re-invented the concept of wildlife surveillance (trail) cameras. Prior to the launch of Stealth Cam, traditional trail cameras were “pieced” together using off the shelf components, crudely wired together to build a working camera. Stealth Cam approached this category by wiping the slate clean and starting from scratch. Rather than piecing together mis-matched parts, through cutting edge engineering and resources, Stealth Cam built their first trailcamera from the ground up as one complete unit. The reception by the hunting community was overwhelming. The clean and simple design combined with a list of features never before seen in a trail camera resonated loudly with consumers. Stealth Cam had just revolutionized the way trail cameras were manufactured.

The company is dedicated to providing their clientele with excellent customer service and support.  Equipping their trail cameras with three different language settings shows off their communication savviness, making the Stealth Cam one of the more language versatile and bestselling trail cameras around the world. 

The Stealth Cam trail cameras have photo and video of the highest quality by way of the company’s knowledge, talent and attention to detail when developing the infrared lighting technology.  Cold temperatures are not a contender for these cameras when you team them up with a lithium battery pack or 12 volt battery pack system.  They can withstand some of the most frigid temperatures where operating in cold temperatures is really quite crucial. 

The camera body can be completely removed from the outside case for ease of accessibility, use and set-up.  These are some of the most user friendly trail cameras.  Every Stealth Cam Camera comes with valuable software for helping the owner organize and store images/videos where they can easily be found when needed.  The company also provides free upgrades of this software.  This helps insure the customer has the most current upgraded information and technology on his/her trail camera.  They can upload this information at their convenience and will always have confidence that their hunting camera is ready for the next scouting trip.  

The Stealth Cam are wireless devices used to help optimize the infrared lightning on these trail cameras.  They extend the trail cameras wireless IR range up to 50 feet.  For more stealth in your scouting ability in the field, the IR Boosters also come with black LED’s providing excellent lighting with total discretion.

You will not be disappointed with adding a Stealth Cam Camera to your hunting and scouting equipment.  Get yours today!

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